Monday, September 1, 2014

Excitement of 30!

"Pride of Baltimore"
Cage Free Series 008

Happy September.  Today starts the challenge to paint 30 paintings in 30 days.  I completed my first 30-in-30 challenge in January of this year.  It was a wonderful experience.  Not every one of my paintings in the January challenge was a winner, but I learned a lot and enjoyed it enough to go for it again.

I decided to use the opportunity of 30 paintings to work on my Cage Free Series since it will give me a nice step toward the goal of 100 (though I never said how long it would take to get to that 100).

Being from Maryland, I couldn't put off painting the Oriole for long, especially with the O's doing well in baseball (ohhh... don't let that jinx it....).  For those who are not from this area, let me tell you one thing that is so fun about visiting Camden Yards.  It is the song they play for the 7th Inning Stretch:  "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" by John Denver.  Maryland is barely in the South and Baltimore is hardly a Country/Western kind of town but the city LOVES that song played at the O's games and everyone has a great time.  Just a bit of trivia.

"Pride of Baltimore"
6" x 6" oil on gessobord, unframed.
This painting is available through Daily Paintworks Auction.
See this painting and all the rest at Leslie Saeta's blog.



  1. You are welcome to join and/or follow my Pinterest board of all the artists participating in the Leslie Saeta "30 in 30" challenge. Just send me your email so that i can send you an invitation.

    Thank you!

  2. wonderful painting and blog comments! fun.

  3. I had forgotten how beautiful Orioles are. We had one hanging around our mulberry tree last summer, but haven't seen it since. I just Googled, and it seems they're only here in the midwest for mating and to migrate. That probably explains it. :)

  4. Beautiful, Kari. I've done a couple gold finches recently. I normally paint landscapes but have made a few paintings too of God's wonderful little winged creatures!

    Nice job on this one! Good color!

  5. Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I love that the 30-in-30 brings us all together!