Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cage Free -- 30-in-30, Day Thirty. I Made It and Lived To Tell About It!

Cage Free Series 037

We are nearly to October and nearly at the death date of Edgar Allen Poe.  I don't know many fine art lovers that are also Football lovers.  I am one.  Since I am in Maryland, and since they won this week, this is for the Baltimore Ravens.

30 Paintings in 30 Days.  It was definitely a struggle.  I mean, I really had a hard time with this challenge.  Like really REALLY.  I think it was just the beautiful weather. And maybe the fact that I overloaded myself with a bunch of other new things all at the same time  -- new gym membership, trying to do 10,000 steps daily, Taekwondo lessons, online classes, all this besides working full time.  Starting two new books probably didn't help either.

I thought I was good at the beginning of the month.  I had 13 paintings done before Sept. 1.  That may have given me a false sense of security.  Then again, by about Sept. 8 (when I still had plenty of paintings in the bag) I got bored with the challenge and I don't know that I recovered, even though I did a lot of good paintings after that.  My heart just wasn't fully in it.

Yes, I missed out on sleep here and there.  Yes my family and my housework got the short end of the stick.  My family has been supportive and encouraging.  The laundry and dishes?  Not so much.

So the big question is: Will I do it again?  Probably.  I'm just crazy like that.  January is a good month for painting in my basement studio.  I crank up the heater and put on some heavy metal music and throw a load of clothes in the washer then I'm good to go.  Besides, there are often snow days which let me catch up on painting and sleep.  The Farmer's Almanac says we're to have a very snowy winter.  So again, yes.  I probably will do another 30 in January.  Maybe I'll paint them all in November and nobody will be the wiser.

6" x 6" oil on gessobord, unframed.
This painting is available through Daily Paintworks Auction.
See the other participating artists at Leslie Saeta's blog.


  1. I loved your paintings all month long Kari and your blog is wonderful! You make me laugh each day! Thank you for suggesting the challenge to me. I agree, it got the best of my patience at times, but it was well worth the effort!!!

  2. Thank you Shelly. I'm so glad you joined me. I would not have kept going except that I felt like I would be letting you down.

    Now I'm glad to have them all. And now I can move onto something else for a while.