Friday, September 5, 2014

30-in-30 Day Five, Cage Free 012

"Evening Lady"
Cage Free Series 012

This painting is meant as a companion to the one here.  The Evening Grosbeak spends its time in forests and I do not (sadly!) so we have probably never met but I think they are quite a lovely couple.  I love when I see birds in my yard but I'm not great at knowing what they are.  Maybe after researching so many birds for paintings, I'll actually be able to identify them when I see them.

I'm glad it's finally Friday.  Even with Labor Day this short week has felt very very long.  I had made plans to meet friends for an outing on Saturday but have decided I better stay home and paint instead.  It's going to be too hot anyway so I'll be thankful for my basement studio.

"Evening Lady"
6" x 6" oil on gessobord, unframed.
This painting is available through Daily Paintworks Auction.
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