Monday, January 9, 2017

Painting Two Continues

Part Three

Adding dimension through the use of the same stencils I started with, simply rotating them for interest.  Red is added to the background and over some of the stencil marks.  Some of the stencil marks are painted individually, using marks already on the canvas as a guide.

I keep hoping the painting fairies will come and finish this painting for me while I'm asleep but the painting fairies want me to do this work, I guess.  The progress is slowww with this one.  I feel like every mark on the canvas is thoughtful and maybe it's too thoughtful.  I have some way to go before I can think about finishing and trying to not get frustrated that it isn't easier.

Adding more background texture, being mindful to not let it get too busy and distracting.

See the beginning of this painting here.  And some mid-stage work here.

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  1. I really love this painting!! The colors are very beautiful!!

  2. Thank you Ophelia. This painting is nearly finished and there is a surprise reveal coming.