Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beginning Six

Part One

Pretty soon it will be no secret how much I like turquoise and grey.

I started with a very light wash of warm grey around the edges and in the darkest area and then allowed that to dry.
Light grey, black, and turquoise are applied in patches with a palette knife and blended with a dry brush.

30 in 30 Blog.


  1. Very light wash of warm gray—I don't ever think to start there, but surely that is my loss. Look at the magnificence of this start, already singing with contrasts, textures, softnesses, energy, and quiet space. I feel like I'm reading a very inviting book. The opening pages have snagged me and I want to know what happens next. Eager to find out!

    1. Hi Dotty! I start with washes a lot to break up that big, scary white surface. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you feel like it has a voice. I hope the finished product is as wonderful as your description.