Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Painting One Needs A Name

Part Four

Wrapping up Painting One.  When I'm driving to work pre-dawn, I listen to music and just kind of let my mind wander.  Sometimes song lyrics catch my attention and I note them for painting names.  Here are a couple of possibilities:
"Don't Expect an Easy Answer"
"Burn Out Bright"
...Or maybe you have a suitable name.  Let's hear it.

Black was dry brushed over the area left to bring out the texture from the fork marks.  Then liquid black was added around the areas of white for visual interest.

See the beginning of this painting here.  And some mid-stages here and here.

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  1. Ta da! Love seeing the final product, Kari! I'm especially pulled into the interaction in the upper left corner—its textures and layers and interplay, and the three black dots.

    When you say liquid black, what product are you referring to. Is the blue also a "liquid" color?

    1. I use a limited palette: Ultramarine Blue, Crimson (or Napthol Crimson), Sap Green, Cad. Yellow Medium, Titanium White, Deep Turquoise, and Burnt Umber. All the colors I use are made from these. My Liquid White is a purchased fluid color but black is mixed as Ult. Blue, Sap Green, and Crimson. For liquid black I use this base color, add Matte Medium and water to achieve the fluid consistency.

    2. The blue color here is Deep Turquoise, Ult. Blue, and White mixed with Matte Medium and water.

  2. Kari, thanks for this window into your studio. Bite-sized learning. So grateful.