Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 29 - Several Beginnings

Ending the 30-in-30 with more beginnings gives me a lot of inspiration and it reminds me that my painting is NOT done for the year.  I don't know where to store all of these giants but I had a blast painting them and I'm so so glad that I resisted the urge to paint small and try to just finish each day.  I have enjoyed sharing my process with you and I hope that you enjoyed the journey.  I have a few new friends to follow from this challenge and I'm excited to see where they go from here.

This is going to be another dark serpent painting.

Light grey is added to the top one third, then deep and light sap green are added to the lower two thirds.

This is the yellow-only painting I was stuck on for some days.  I was inspired by a lot of other paintings I've seen recently that featured circles.

Medium grey and light blue-grey are splattered, sprayed with water, and then circles are drawn to give the feeling of movement.

Going back to the neutrals and violet scales with this one.  I'm going to keep it very light and airy, to contrast with the one with dramatic maroon.

Burnt Umber is washed on in a wave shape.  Violet scales are added with the stencils I created, then medium grey and light blue-grey are added to the upper kidney shape.  I also added some light spritzes of water here and there.

30 in 30 Blog.


  1. I join you in being so so glad you resisted the urge to paint small and try to just finish each day. Your beginnings and process have been a tremendous gift to me. For example, I totally love that Beginning One above isn't going to be a landscape painting but a dark serpent painting. That alone—seeing the Beginning, and knowing your intent—is worth the price (!) of admission to the 30-in-30 for me. So many doors open. So many. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for following along with me, Dotty. Your insight into some of my paintings this month have been a major confidence boost and have really opened my eyes to seeing what a few words can do to guide the viewer toward my perspective. Thank you. Thank you.