Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Beginning Three

Trying To Keep It Simple

Constantly telling myself to back up, take a breath, and keep it simple.  This painting was an attempt to really hold back from the very beginning.  I wanted to keep it really light and not have to edit it too much after I started, in an attempt to keep the colors very fresh.

I started with a wash of medium tan and lots of water.  I let that thin layer of paint dry before adding very light tan.  I used the same technique as the black of Painting 1: Yogurt consistency paint applied with a plastic Pipette, then a couple of good whacks on the sides to sort of flatten it out.  The light tan in the upper left was spritzed lightly with water to allow it to spread, then I let it dry so it is a bit fuzzy as opposed the blocky look of the light tan on the right.  Warm grey and light turquoise were mixed on the canvas with a palette knife, then sprayed with water and allowed to run.

30 in 30 Blog.


  1. Kari, I'm enjoying your painting process and your commentary. Will continue to follow. I methinks I want to get me a pipette. I'm guessing they come in varied sizes—what size have you been using?

  2. I use 3 ml Pipettes. I got a pack of 100 for around $3 (the price has gone up a little since I bought but I think $4/100 is still reasonable enough.

    1. Kari, thanks for the info. If my supplies list continues to grow at the rate it has during just the first three days of the 30in30, I'm gonna be in big trouble or, if not trouble, then debt!

    2. I hear you. I do my best to buy supplies on sale or with coupons. The ladies at the art supply store look at me funny when I show up several days in a row to buy one canvas at a time because that's how I get the best price. Ha!

  3. love reading the process you use. do you find its hard to hold back, that painting just comes on strong and natural when you start?

  4. Hi Cris,
    I do get excited and do want to hold back sometimes. Trying to be thoughtful of the marks I make rather than going Kindergarten style. It's much easier to be thoughtful from the beginning than to have to go back and edit later.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your process!! I loved reading your post...keeping it simple...I shall try that tomorrow for mine...sigh.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Thanks for checking in! I love all the visitors during the 30 in 30.