Friday, January 31, 2014

30 in 30 Clean-up


I was surprised at how clean and organized my studio stayed during the 30-in-30 Challenge.  The photo above was taken at about Day 23.  I was certainly glad I had a drying rack and lots of supplies on hand before the challenge started.  With that said, I really didn't plan ahead very well.  I knew about the challenge and was tossing around the idea of doing it early in December but despite Leslie's suggestion, I did not check to make sure I had enough.  I never ran out of anything I desperately needed but that's only because I'm a bit of a supplies-hoarder.  I was most surprised at how many tubes of paint are now down to almost nothing, especially White.  Before the challenge, I had one and a half large tubes (150 ml) of white paint and now I'm down to less than a quarter of the last tube.

My Poinsettia is still hanging on but she has seen better days.  I had a tiny one before Christmas but that one died within a week.  Apparently Poinsettia prefer cold, dark basements to warm, light kitchens.  I had no idea.

I am so thankful for doing this Challenge and for Leslie Saeta who encourages all of us to keep pushing and keep improving.  I have so many more paintings swirling around in my head, just wanting to be done and that is definitely a good thing.  My visitor stats have jumped significantly this month and I have sold more art in one month than I did all of last year.  I have taken a couple of days off from the studio but have spent a huge amount of time amassing reference photos for future paintings.

Later I will do Leslie's collage of the month's paintings.  Looking forward to that.  But right now, I need to get to the factory... yikes!  I'm late.  
Poinsettia, still kicking. 

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